Easy Survival Food Storage

In today’s unstable economy and with threats like climate change and eco-terrorism American families need to have survival food storage, emergency preparedness and 72-hour kits. In the event of a disaster whether it is natural or man-made, local emergency people will be facing the same problems as the rest of us. It may take time three days, 72 hours or even longer for them to come to your assistance. In some circumstances you may find yourself on your own for much longer.

Do not be fooled, we as Americans take for granted the food supply in America. Studies have shown that a typical grocery store has less than one week of food in supply if their supply chains are broke. The average American family has even less. If there is a major problem do you want to have to depend on these places?

Very simply put survival food storage is being prepared. mre for sale A major part of emergency preparedness is having food storage and I am going to stress the need to be prepared to survive for at least 72 hours, but being prepared for longer is a very good idea to consider as well. In the event of a widespread problem normal food supplies will be depleted quickly and you will be one step ahead to have your own survival food storage.

The problem might not be a disaster; in this troubled economy no one has job security anymore. There are many of us who do not know if we will have a job in the coming weeks or even tomorrow. There is the possibility that there will not be an attack, a major disaster or a catastrophe but what if you lose your job or suddenly have to re-locate. Having survival food storage could work just as well to get you through a few days when money is tight. Not having to worry about buying food could make a huge difference and let you focus on getting back to providing for your family.

The bottom line is to be prepared. There are many reasons that the normal food supply chain could be interrupted and cause mass hysteria across the country. From a massive power grid failure to a true fuel crisis food supplies are vulnerable to being completely shut down.

Here are some food storage tips that are simple and easy to get started.

Always keep a larger than normal supply of the basics like simple grains, dehydrated milk, sugar, salt, oil, flour, garden seeds and storable produce like potatoes, onions, beets, cabbage, etc.

Keep food stored that your family is accustomed too and that you know how to cook. You will want to keep items that need to be replaced for freshness and it will take some work keeping them up. There are also options to have dry food storage that is made specifically for long periods of storage. If you are on a tight budget like most Americans there are pre-packaged kits and you can buy the items one at time.

Shopping at wholesale markets can save you a considerable amount of money on such things as salt, flour, oil and sugar. You might have to buy a larger container than you are used to, but having more will not hurt you.

Protect stored food from rodent and insect infestation by storing it in large containers. Metal containers like coffee containers and tins are the preferred method. You can find containers at places like thrift stores.

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