Moose Hunting – An Exhilarating Sport

Hunting has become more than just an activity that was intended only to go in search of food. Today it is one of the significant sports where competition can be at its highest. And Canada is one of the best places in the whole world that is cut out for it. You will acquire enough proof of this from the increasing number of people visiting this country with the express idea of hunting every year.

The beauty of it all is that in spite of so many visitors throughout the year there are still areas in this country that have been unexplored till date. You can find primeval cabins deep in the forests where you can park yourself when you are on a hunting spree even today.

Game hunting is the most important of them all.  Because of Canada’s climatic conditions, you will find a great variety of animals like the elk and the moose that will not be found in many other places. As you probably know the moose is the largest animal in the deer family and are typically hunted for their antlers and of course their meet which is a favored delicacy.

Moreover the hunting laws in Canada are not as strict as in many other countries. The various hunting grounds in Newfoundland, Ontario, Maine, etc offers some of the biggest hunting expeditions. In such places and many more wild areas of Canada the terrain is suited for wildlife particularly the moose that makes its home in valleys that are deeply forested.

Moose hunting Canada often offers hunting licenses to hunters from outside through specialized and authorized hunting outfitters who sell these licenses on to those who come in first. Generally about 30,000 licenses are issued every year in one area.

The best time for moose hunting is early morning just before sunrise or late evening just after sunset. This is the time that the moose make its move. Moose have a very sharp sense oh hearing and are extremely intelligent animals so you must exercise absolute quiet and patience when out moose hunting.


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