Take A Look At The Sony 55nx810 LED TV And Its Many Fine Features

Most of my other 3D TV reviews are usually geared towards high-definition televisions that are manufactured for the market in the United Kingdom. However, this review will take a look at those king tv on firestick that were manufactured for the market of the United States. For this particular review, we will be looking at the Sony Bravia KDL55NX810 LED television set.

Sony’s 55nx810 gives its viewers exceptional HD 1080p quality. It also gives them this great LED backlighting which comes with a very high tier with respect to contrast; giving you the deepest of blacks and the most brilliant of whites you have ever seen. It also comes with 3D innovation, and also has the ability to be converted from the standard 2D to the 3D via its built-in converter.

You will also be able to use your 3D BRAVIA television set to watch movies, view pictures on Blu-ray 3D disc, play video games, among many other things. You will also be able to watch sporting events such as soccer and basketball, listen to music and play 3D games on this wonderful television set.

This Sony 55″ TV has a remarkable ability to contract and sharpen images. It does so by using its Dynamic Edge LED backlight, which also serves to give the viewer the smoothest movements with respect to fast-moving action movies, sporting games, video games etc. One other very important feature of this Edge LED back-light high-definition TV, the Sony 55nx810, is the fact that they use significantly less energy than does a LCD television set. It also has absolutely no mercury at all. In addition, it also comes with the Opti Contrast Panel that helps to boost the accuracy and reliability of the television’s images and it also works towards minimizing glare reflections.

There is also built-in wireless-N-Wi-Fi networking which helps you to make connection with a wide assortment of streaming video clip web sites which includes Crackle and Netflix, among may others. You also have widgets from which you can get updates from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as headline information with respect to news, weather and sports. It is also possible for you to stream content from your home PC to the HDTV that has been DLNA certified.

In general, the Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX810 LED 3D television set is a very good set and puts you up right there with whatever is happening in the world of 3D and high-definition. Anyone who purchase this television set will be more than pleased with their purchase because of all the many features it offers them.

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