Where to Find Live Cricket Scores Ball By Ball

Cricket is a bat and ball sport that originated from England. While it is not famous in the United States, the sport is a favorite pastime in many countries that were once occupied by the British Empire. These include the likes of Australia, India, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Cricket, in a nutshell, concerns two rivaling teams each consisting of eleven players. The teams play in a sporting venue called pitch, which basically is just a jargon referring to a grass field. Located at the center of this field is a rectangular space called the wicket, and this is where most of the gaming actions happen. 스포츠중계 

Teams assume two positions-one plays the batting side and the other the bowling side. The objective of the teams is to outdo each other in gaining scores called runs. A run is gained when a batsman has been able to run from one side of the wicket to the other after hitting the ball. The batsman can go on and run between the wicket if the ball is still being played in the outer field. The batting team switches position when all of their batsmen are out.

From this basic overview it’s easy to glean that the game has four basic roles-the bowler, who basically pitches the ball to the batsman; the batsmen, which consist of a striker and a non striker; the wicketkeeper, which catches the ball, and of course the nine fielders, which aim to bring the ball back to the wicket. Since scoring a run relies primarily on the batsmen, much of the rules concern situations wherein a batsman should be declared out.

The pinnacle of cricket happens in the Cricket World Cup, which is organized by the highest international governing body of the sport, the International Cricket Council. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, the ICC consists of 104 member countries from around the world. These countries send teams to compete in test matches, qualification rounds and ultimately in the finals tournament being held every four years. The most recent cup was held in 2007 in the West Indies wherein sixteen teams joined and Australia emerged as champion.

If you want to find the up to date cricket scores, blow by blow, 24/7 the BBC,Sky sports and the Guardian news paper have instant live coverage of all club and international matches.

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